Growers and Producers of Fresh Cherries – 100% Pure Premium Cherry Juice – Sulphur Free Dried Cherries and … Other Fine Cherry Products

Merry Cherry Farms is located in a fertile valley at Norton Summit just 25 minutes from Adelaide’s CBD. It is a family owned orchard run by two brothers Albert and Claude, which began in 1975.

As the name suggests, Merry Cherry Farms specialises in growing minimum-spray cherries and has approximately 3000 cherry trees of 22 different varieties. This ensures the season is prolonged as each variety ripens at different times.

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Come and try our premium, fresh, hand-picked cherries. The main variety is the Stella – a firm, sweet and heart-shaped cherry. Other varieties include the heritage Napoleon – an old fashioned ‘white’ cherry, medium sweet and great for preserving in alcohol; the Sir Don (Sir Donald Bradman) – a very dark red, sweet cherry; and the Sir Toms (Thomas Playford) – a rich red cherry of medium sweetness.

Almost 9 hectares is planted to cherry trees and we keep our own bees on Merry Cherry Farms to ensure cross pollination. The farm is complimented by just under 1 hectare of natural bush land, home to many native flora and fauna.

Merry Cherry Farms also has around 1 dozen peach and plum trees, and 50 apple trees (golden delicious and pink lady).

Its pesticide- and chemical-free vegetables include green beans, zucchini, pumpkins and broccolini.

We also bake a fantastic range of pizza bases, with and without sauce, and have some gluten free pizza bases as well. We also bake a selection of italian inspired breads and grissini.